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‘Girinka’ for Unity And Equality

26 March 2011 The other day someone asked me what the hype was in Rwanda about ‘this cow’. After all, in modern advanced economies, you don’t need to own cattle in order to get milk. You can get milk off … Continue reading

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Kagame’s African Peers may not say it – but most stand together on action in Libya

Friday, March 25, 2011 Arthur Asiimwe’s opinion “Kagame’s stand on Libya likely to enrage African peers but boldly spot on” – published in The New Times yesterday – made some strong points. Indeed, President Kagame’s current stand is characteristically bold … Continue reading

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Dr ‘Fickle’ is whining……….

The Bible-totting Dr Théogène Rudasingwa is fretting. He is seized by extreme worry because “his people” are not being given new ideas. They are not being modernised; they are engulfed in fear; they are being terrorised; they are being fed … Continue reading

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