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The Rwanda Day that was

It’s a long way from the simple spontaneity of the slopes of Mt. Muhabura in Rwanda to the complicated calculations of ordered rivers and bays, streets and skyscrapers, cars and trams and suchlike of Boston, Massachusetts, in the USA. A … Continue reading

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When D.R. Congo bleeds, Rwanda bleeds too

Somebody (the ever acerbic Mark Twain?) long ago advised against arguing with a certain category of people as onlookers may not tell the difference. And I concur. But I also concur that when you don’t answer such people according to … Continue reading

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The day will come when North and South respect each other

Away from the usual bravura that Rwandans like to throw at the Western countries and their organisations, a point to ponder. What’s the source of this love-hate affair that these Western institutions prefer to court on the leadership of this … Continue reading

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