Will nanotechnology one day bring home our national outlaws?

Fake news is the order of the day these days. And so here is a piece doing the rounds on social media, as you’ve no doubt seen, bearing the bloodcurdling tag of “The Death of Death”.

However, scary as that may sound, it’s reportedly the title of a book that carries the message of hope for eternal life. Nay, not hope. Rather, the authors are said to be nanotechnology wizards who are cock sure that, come 2045, they’ll have made death history.

Some keen technology inquisitor will need to thoroughly check it out for us. Because if there is some grain of truth, then, barring you being snatched by a freak accident, by 2045 you’ll have forgotten what death used to look like. Life will be everlasting.

And going by what nanotechnology manipulators are capable of these days, you should not dismiss such a prospect offhand. You should be wondering: what would it mean?

As I see it, on one hand, as a religious faithful you’d kiss your hope of soaring up to the Kingdom of Heaven goodbye. On another, as an old geezer you’d be condemned to living as a misfit in the company of your progeny. Indeed, one hell of a dilemma!

Even then, some faithful would relish the idea. I don’t know whether Mohammed and prophets of other faiths are set for a second coming. But, for sure, when Jesus Christ reappears on this earth, it’ll be Heaven plus for Christians. They’ll meet Him without having had to leave behind bereaving beloved ones.

Whatever the case, in their second coming, can the prophets have an easy time of it this time round, the way humanity is so steeped in even more sin?

In any case, many societies are involved in so much rough-and-tumble that immortal life cannot be given a chance. Greed, hatred, selfishness, corruption, nepotism, rape, murder, wars, genocides; name any evil, they are in cutthroat competition to see who excels at it.

Yet the crimes of these terrible people are a mere kindergarten variety when compared to the abomination the bully-boy countries of this earth are ready to rain on others.

Right now, if the sabre-rattling between USA and Iran continues, we might find ourselves covered in noxious nuclear dust. If not that, then the way ‘Little Rocket Man’ in North Korea is getting fed up with demands from ‘Bully Boy’ in USA, they may soon slay us all.

However, the trio may shy away from destruction of the world, seeing as they might not be spared either. Which is why the existence of insect spy drones may not be fake news.

Again it’s up to technology inquisitors to confirm this for us but the rumours are too persistent to ignore. So, the next time you see a mosquito, think twice before swatting it.

You might break POTUS Donald Trump’s eardrums!

Yes, the grapevine is alive with news of insect spy drones being in production already. Reportedly, they can be equipped with microphones, cameras and other devices that can take your DNA, leave radio frequency identification (RFID) nanotechnology on your skin, etcetera.

The rest is for the owner of such bugs to sit, listen in and tell them what to do, as per his fancy.

Now those darlings, wouldn’t we as Rwandans love to own a few?

Imagine the genocide fugitives and other transgressors possessively harboured in capitals of the world and the jungles of the D.R. Congo. If we were to be in possession of such furtive little ‘creatures’, wouldn’t we deploy them to go have a conversation with those outlaws?

If you ask me, we should coax countries like USA, if they truly possess these flying objects and scuttling ‘inyenzi’ (roaches), into donating a few to us or showing us how to make our own. For that, we’d eagerly purchase all the tattered castaway apparel and footwear Americans have ever worn!

Imagine deploying a swarm of mosquito drones into the jungles of D.R. Congo. They’d go in generous numbers, each equipped with nano-ability to identify its assigned culprit and plant a device that will act as a nanotechnology magnet to pull our miscreant nationals back home, to have their day in court.

Think of it. There at breakfast table sits illusive arch-génocidaire fugitive Felicien Kabuga, happily munching on his roast sweet potato (nothing else for a Rwandan Mukiga man!), in an East African city hideout. All along, he’ll be unaware of the nano-roach that scurried into his wardrobe last night and into his jacket’s inside pocket.

So, done with breakfast, he picks his jacket from the back of his chair and dons it. Then, like a zombie, he finds himself picking his way to the bus-park to get a one-way ticket to Kigali!

In a few hours, we hear our nano-roach beeping questions of whether the Gatuna-Kigali road repairs have been done with and ‘we are like’ (youth lingo): “Hurray!”

Fake news can play around with everlasting life all it wants.

But this it must get right: our nanotechnology, when it comes, will never be linked to it!

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2 Responses to Will nanotechnology one day bring home our national outlaws?

  1. Stranger says:

    Just love you Pan!

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